Best Credit Repair In Central Florida

Best Credit Repair In Central Florida

Everyone knows that credit scores matter. For businesses,  a credit score can make or break you. Businesses need capital to run. There are always going to be expenses – purchasing new equipment, adding investments, or paying employee salaries. Having a good business credit score could mean the difference between getting that loan or missing out on it. Having a bad credit score as a business is going to hold you back from growing your business to the fullest. KAB Credit Services has helped dozens of businesses in Central Florida repair their credit. Find out what makes us the Best Credit Repair in Central Florida.

Business Credit Scores Vs. Personal Credit Scores

Both business credit and personal credit scores are like getting “grades”. They might be calculated by similar factors. However, there are some crucial differences between the two.

  • Information Is Collected by Different Bureaus Personal scores are reported from three major credit bureaus – EquifaxExperian, and TransUnion. Business scores are reported through Dun & BradstreetExperian Business, and Equifax Small Business.
  • Errors and Corrections – There are more protections for consumers when errors show up on credit reports. This means that businesses have to be more vigilant about checking for errors.
  • Capacity for Credit – Businesses have an advantage over personal credit when it comes to getting more credit. There are amazing business loans that are in the millions while personal loans cap out at a certain amount. The higher the business score, the better loan that you will receive.
  • Business Transfers – Personal credit scores stay with you for life. However, business credit reports stay with the business. Your business credit is a reflection of how you have handled the business and it’s finances. This means that your business credit score will be more valuable if your business credit score is high.

Why Your Business Credit Score Matters

Your business credit score functions just like your personal credit score. A business credit score is an indicator of the overall “creditworthiness” of your business.  Having good business credit is a lifeline for your business. The better your business credit score, the more financial opportunity your business will receive. Here are just a few various reasons why your business credit score matters:

  • Banks, investors, and companies consider your business credit score when it comes to settling loan terms, determining insurance premiums, or increasing a line of credit
  • The Small Business Administration (SBA) found that insufficient or delayed financing is the second most common cause of a business failure
  • It will determine whether clients want to work with your business. Investors and partners will be more inclined to work with your business.

How Agencies Calculate Business Credit Scores

Each credit bureau uses a slightly different method of calculating your business credit score. In general, there are several factors that go into scoring:

  • Equifax calculates business credit scores by grading it on three different factors. These factors gauge the “risk level” of your business – payment index (whether you make payments on time), credit risk (risk of a score becoming delinquent), and a business failure score.
  • Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX gives your business a score from 1-100. This is based on the payment history that they have on file. A better payment performance will improve your score.
  • Intelliscore Plus by Experian also scores based on a 1-100 range. It considers multiple factors including years in business, payment history, and whether you opened any new lines of credit.

How We Help You Repair Your Credit

There is a reason why we are the best credit repair in Central Florida. That is because we are knowledgeable in all the solutions to repairing credit scores. Our credit repair team will help you with the following:

  • Dispute Any Errors And Inquiries – We work with credit card and credit reporting companies to get negative feedback removed from your file.
  • Establish Credit Accounts With Suppliers – You will get guidance with getting a good payment relationship with suppliers and establishing a credit account with them to increase the amount of positive payments to your file.
  • Decreasing Your Utilization Ratio – The utilization score is determined by the ratio of credit used in relation to the amount of credit available. We will help you set up a plan to pay off your balances, get an increase in your credit limit, decreasing credit spending, and opening more lines of credit. (More lines of credit that are not used looks better on your score)

Keep Business Credit Separate From Personal Credit

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is using their own personal credit to fund their business. We’ve met business owners who have drained their personal savings or borrowed money from friends and family. Using your personal credit to run a business could put your business at risk. Additionally, creditors are moving away from evaluating a personal credit score when it comes to businesses. It is essential for your business to keep your business credit separate from your personal credit score.

We specialize in helping entrepreneurs build business credit so you can get funding without using your SSN!

Our Business Credit Finance Suite

As the Best Credit Repair in Central Florida, KAB Credit Services KAB Credit Services’ Business Credit Builder is the most comprehensive financial solution for businesses.  With our Finance Suite, you can:

  • Build credit for your business that is linked to your EIN number, not your social security
  • Get business financing including loans and credit lines
  • This suite is the only program that combines both business credit and financing.

With the Business Credit Finance Suite, setup your business credibly, establish a positive business credit profile and score quickly, obtain vendor, store, fleet, and cash credit in your business name with business reporting, and become more lendable by building your business credit.

Why We Are The Best Credit Repair In Central Florida

KAB Credit Services is the best Credit Repair in Central Florida. For years, we have helped numerous businesses improve their credit score, secure business loans, and get business financing. Our work speaks for itself.

“I loved Regina Buckley services because she gave a lot of great information regarding business credit, helpful apps and great information on how to get potential investors to even consider my organization as a good investment. Also, I did not know that with business credit there are incentives and perks. I suggest that you schedule a free consultation!” – Dotralee M via SoTellUs

Who We Are – KAB Credit Services

At KAB Credit Services, our mission is to help entrepreneurs obtain the capital and credit they need to fuel their dreams.  Whether you are just starting your business or looking for millions in capital to expand, we have solutions that can help you fund your endeavors. KAB  Credit Services is We are dedicated to helping you get business credit and financing for your company. Call us to schedule a FREE consultation. Do you have any questions or comments? Send us a message.